From Search Results

In this scenario, the agent has met a new client and has not yet created the contact in REsearch 6.  The agent has already started a search based on an in-person discussion and is ready to send the Portal to this new contact.

When the agent clicks the “Email Via Portal” option from the search results


Since this new contact does not yet exist in REsearch6, the agent clicks “Add New”


The agent fills in the form that becomes exposed after clicking the “Add New” button.



After clicking “Save” (#4 in the image above), the contact is immediately created in REsearch, and becomes selected.


The agent can now choose to allow REsearch to send an email to your new contact by checking the “Send an email” box.  When the agent does so, she will be prompted to type the subject of the email which will become the name of the collection in Portal. She will also be prompted to type the message you’d like to include in the body of the email.  Clicking the blue “OK” button does several things at once:

  1. Create the new Portal for the client
  2. Add the selected listings as a collection in this new Portal
  3. Creates a clickable link directly to this new collection
  4. Email the link to the client

The agent will be presented with a confirmation message.  The agent can close this message and continue to use REsearch 6.


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