In situations where you would like to relist a property and would like to copy the Exhibit A from a previous listing, please use the Copy function.

Examples of when Copy listing may be useful:
– You are relisting an expired or withdrawn listing.
– You are in the process of getting a DOM reset (more info on a DOM reset).

Step 1.

Locate and have your previous MLS number handy.

Step 2.

Enter the Listings Menu. In the main menu either click directly on Listings or expand the section and click on Listings Menu.

Step 3.

Within the Listings Menu click on Copy.

Step 4.

Enter your previous MLS number and click continue.

Step 5.

You will be presented with a filled out listing form. Please review the information and make updates as needed. Listing date and Expiration date will require new dates. Choose to either save to your Holding or release the listing to Active.


Please note:
Photos, Tours, Addenda, etc. will not carry over. Please manually transfer these additional pieces of media.



Here is a video to help with manually transferring your photos from one listing to another.

Video – Transferring photos using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge

You may make the video full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the video.


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