Agents are able to change their profile information within My Profile.

  1. Expand the REtools section

  2. Click on Update my Profile


3. Within the My Profile page, make any updates to your information.

email update

4. Make sure you save your changes


  • In order to change the phone number seen on listings please also select the correct preferred phone number

2 Responses to “(MLS) How to change my email address, phone number, contact information”

  1. Richard


    I have change my physical address to 159 XXXXXXXX Street but my listings and Linda’s listings are still showing 524 XXXXXX Street. Please tell me how to fix this…

    • Raun


      This request is attempting to update the overall Office address. For Office updates please contact our Membership department –
      1-800-628-3121 Ext: 2

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