If you have forgotten your REsearch password, or would like to reset and set a new password before logging in, you can use the “Forgot My Password” tool.

On the REsearch login page, the “Forgot My Password” link will appear when you enter an invalid username and password combination into the login form.

In order to trigger a password reset, you will need to provide both your REsearch username, and the email address associated with that username in REsearch. Enter both values and click “Reset.” (If you do not know the email address associated with your REsearch account, please contact customer support.)

You will then receive a REsearch Password Reset email containing a special link.

Click the “Reset My Password” link (or cut-and-paste the full URL into a web browser) to provide a new password.

You will need to select a new password that meets REsearch password complexity requirements:

Minimum ten, maximum twelve characters in length.
At least six letters (a-z).
At least one number (1-9).
No special characters, symbols, or spaces.
REsearch passwords are not case sensitive.

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