When sending emails from REsearch you do have the ability of creating an automatic signature as well as a couple of other options.


The Customize REsearch Email tool is located within Settings.

  1. At the bottom of the Main Menu locate and click on Settings.

  2. Within the Settings Menu click on Customize REsearch Email.




3. Click the Edit button on the particular section you would like to work on.


4. Enter/Edit your information, feel free to stylize using the tools provided.

Use the hover help to identify each tool’s purpose.

A = Insert Agent Head Shot we have on file
O = Insert Office Logo we have on file

6. Save your changes.

The Customization also allows you to additionally insert text, photos, etc. into the different parts of your email messages.
Located at the bottom of the Customize REsearch Email page is a Preview section.
The Preview will give you an idea of the placement of each section.

Emails received by your recipients will automatically see your additions on the messages they receive.







Font Colors are managed using HTML


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