We periodically send information to members and customers via email. These notices may include training schedules, holiday notices, announcements of new features, new products and services, sales promotions, and other news of interest. Although we also post important information to our Bulletins (which are visible inside REsearch), our login page, and on social media (including our Facebook page), email is often the most direct and convenient way to stay informed.

We use the email address specified in your REsearch profile to send these messages, so please be sure that it is correct and current. Our email notices are sent via Constant Contact, an industry leading distribution platform.

If you are not receiving these messages:

  • Our email announcements may be getting caught in your email service provider’s “junk mail” or “spam” mail filter. Most services allow you to check this folder for missed messages, and if so, you can mark ours as “not spam” to ensure that they are delivered to your inbox. You can also add “hiinfo.com” to an email filter whitelist, if you have one.
  • You may have previously unsubscribed from our email distribution list. If you believe this may be the case, and you would like to opt back into receiving our email notices, please fill out this form:

If you’re unsure whether you should be receiving our email notices, or want to check whether they are being sent to a specific address, please send an email to support@hiinfo.com with the email address in question and we would be happy to look it up for you!

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