REsearch includes the ability to download data into Excel or Comma Separated Value files.


Please see this guide on setting up the search and label format: Creating Labels

Follow all steps including step 3, Choosing information on the labels.


Begin Downloading Labels instructions:

4. Telling REsearch you would like to download the data instead of viewing as search results

Within the Labels tab, locate and place a check mark next to Download Spreadsheet
You will then be able to choose the type of file to be downloaded.



(XLS) Excel Format & active links – An Excel file separated into rows/columns and cells. Active links will only pertain to TMK numbers
(XLS) Excel Format without links – An Excel file separated into rows/columns and cells. Nothing linked when clicking in the Excel spreadsheet.
(CSV) Text Format – Comma Separated Value. A plain text file that separates fields with a comma. This type of file can also open with Excel.


5. Downloading the data

Once you have your search parameters in place, the type of label selected, and the Download Spreadsheet check box selected you are ready to download the data.

Simply click Search to begin the process. The spreadsheet is being created on REsearch’s servers and will automatically begin downloading to your computer.



I am using Google Chrome in my example. Your browser may place the download notification in a different location.


Open the file. Your computer will open the spreadsheet with it’s default spreadsheet program.



– Checking the “Include Taxkey” box will add the taxkey as another column on the spreadsheet. If Excel Format & active links is also selected, the included taxkey will be clickable on the spreadsheet. Clicking the taxkey will open the Taxkey Full format in your browser.

– If downloading the data with the intention of sending to a mailer company, please ask them what type of file they prefer. Many of these companies request the CSV format. They may also request that the fields be in a specific order. REsearch’s default order for the label download is:
Taxkey (if used), Apt, First name, Last name, Care of, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country

– Do not worry when seeing this message in Excel when the file is opened:
This is due to REsearch creating an older Excel version file. We chose to create a legacy type file in order for all versions of Excel to be able to open and view the data. Newer versions of Excel will be able to open all file versions. Older versions would not be able to open the newer Excel files.



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