REsearch gives you the ability to download fields into spreadsheet or comma separated value files.

This guide will demonstrate how to download roster information with the intention of doing an email blast.
With adjustments to the selected Custom Formats you can create other roster/office info files suitable for your specific needs.

 Click here for instructions in case you do not need to download data


Section 1 – Setting up the search for an agent email address download.


  • From the Main Menu expand the Search section. Select Search Roster from the drop down.




  • On the Search Roster page enter in your search parameters.
    In my example I will be searching for WHAR agents. (I apologize if my screen shot is confusing) The screen shot below is showing Agent Realtor Association (board) and Agent Type (B, BIC, DR, PB, R, etc.) being selected.




Section 2 – Preparing for download



  • Now that the search parameters are set, we will tell the system we want to download instead of view the results within REsearch.
    Open the Format Drop down and click to the Options tab.
    Place a check mark next to Download Format




  • Make your selection of which type of file you would like to download

(XLS) Excel Format & active links: Excel format that includes clickable links
(XLS) Excel Format without links: Excel format that does not include clickable links
(CSV) Text Format: Comma Separated Values

If you are uploading or importing the generated file into another program or website, please consult with them as they may require a certain file type or field order.





Section 3 – Building the file to be downloaded



  • We must now tell the system what we would like our Excel report to look like.
    Click back to the Format tab.
    Custom will be check marked by default. Click the Select button.




  • The Custom Formats window will open and you are presented with lists of all available fields.

    Our example will be selecting Agent Full Name and Agent Email address.

    Click on Agent Full Name. Agent Full Name will be placed in the Selected Fields section at the bottom. Repeat for Agent Email Address.

    The selected fields ordered from top to bottom will populate the spreadsheet from left to right accordingly.

    Click Apply Changes when finished.



  • Back on the Roster Search page, click Search Now to run the report

    REsearch will generate the report and your browser will automatically download it.

    I am using Chrome in my example. Chrome places the downloaded file in the bottom of the browser. Click on the downloaded file and select Open. 





Your spreadsheet program will open the file.

You now have a current list of agent names and email addresses!


*Sending mailers to agents

The simplest way to send emails is to copy and paste the addresses into a new message’s BCC field.

If attempting to import the list into Outlook, Gmail, etc. to add agents as contacts, please locate the appropriate company’s help guides.


Outlook video walk through

Click here to view

1. Get your email message ready to send. 

2. We very strongly recommend sending the email out using the BCC field, I’m just getting it ready in the example.

3. Go to your downloaded file. Copy the first 100 addresses. (most email programs include a limit to the number of recipients)

4. Paste the email addresses to the BCC field.

5. Double check everything. SEND!

6. Repeat the process until you get through all email addresses, breaking them up into groups.


**When selecting the fields to be downloaded please note the the Selected Fields order from top to bottom will correspond to your spreadsheet from left to right.
This is important because some programs or websites require your list to be in a certain order. This is where you will be able to set that order before you download.


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