We have recently been receiving reports that spreadsheets downloaded from REsearch are not opening properly on some user’s computers.

If you are experiencing an issue similar to this screen shot, please follow the directions below:

Please follow this guide to disable the Protected View which seems to be the culprit.

Please click here to view a demonstration video


1. File
2. Options
3. Trust Center
4. Trust Center Options
5. Protected View
6. Uncheck “Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet”
Done. please try opening the file again.




If the spreadsheet does open as expected BUT you only see blank cells, you have likely missed the step of selecting any custom formats.

Please see steps 1 and 2 of this guide: Custom formats – building, downloading and saving a custom format




4 Responses to “Downloaded Excel spreadsheets do not open as expected”

  1. Cindy Barnett


    That does not solve the problem. Still comes up blank: Chrome

    • Cindy Barnett


      What the directions should say, is make sure and choose your custom fields before the download. It will not pull the “normal” fields, that you would see on the screen search, for the download. You must choose them individually first and then save and download.

      • Raun


        Hi Cindy,

        I’m pretty sure you figured it out but your blank download is a separate issue from this one. This one is where Excel was not properly opening the file downloaded.
        It seems the issue you were experiencing was not selecting the custom formats to download.

        You are also correct in that there is no “normal” download. Users will need to select which fields they would like to download.

        I will try to update this help guide to clarify what it is attempting to address.

  2. Cindy Barnett


    Does not work with IE 11 either.

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