1. Within Search for Listings open the Format drop down

2. Make your selections on the format/formats you would like to be used by default.
(you will likely not be using the same check marks as my example. This is just showing that you can place as many check marks as you wish)




2a. [optional] You may also change your PER PAGE and other options.
(please note, the higher the per page is set the longer the results will take to display. This is especially noticeable when using the Full formats and/or multiple formats are selected)



4. Click back to the Formats tab if you navigated away from it.

Click the Save button



5. Do not rename the format. By leaving “My Default Format” in the box you will overwrite the default format.

6. Click Save to commit the changes.




This will now be your default formats and options when using the search.

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  1. Jenny


    Thanks so much for you help! I really appreciate it !

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