The Days on Market (DOM) is the number of days that a property has been listed in the service while it is on the market.  The DOM starts counting from the date the listing is released to Active status.  Days while the listing is in Active and/or Contingent status are added to the DOM.   Days while the listing is in Under Contract, Withdraw, Temporarily Withdrawn, Expired or Sold status are not added to the DOM.

(Note:  The days that a listing in Contingent status are included in the DOM because the property is still being marketed and is available for showing for the purpose of obtaining back-up offers.)


When does the DOM reset back to zero?
When a new listing is released for a property that has been off the market in the service for more than 30 days.
(Temp Withdrawn days do not count toward the 30 days off market required for a DOM reset)

If the listed property was previously listed in the service, this means that the listing has to have been Withdrawn, Expired or Sold more than 30 days before the DOM will reset on a new listing.

When a listing in the service is transferred from one listing office to another. (Note:  In the case of co-listed properties, if there are no changes to the listing agents and their office affiliations, the DOM will not reset regardless of which listing agent is the primary listing agent.)


How do I reset the DOM on a current listing?
1. Withdraw the listing or wait for it to expire.
2. Wait 30 days from the date the listing was withdrawn or expired.
3. Create a new listing with a new MLS listing number.
4. On the 31st day or later release your new listing
Do not use the Back on Market tool. Using the Back on Market Tool will keep the original MLS number and the DOM will resume count from the date that the listing was taken off the market. You need to create a new listing for the days to begin at zero.
Do use New Listing or the Copy listing tool on the Listing Menu


Why did my listing carry over the DOM of the previous listing?
Common scenarios:
– The 30 days off the market requirement had not been met.
– Back on Market was used, a new MLS number was not created and the DOM resumed count from the date that the listing was taken of the market.  The DOM will not reset on a listing that is put back on the market regardless of how long it has been off the market.


DOM reset per listing office change:
When the property changes listing offices and a new listing contract is in place, the DOM will reset back to zero. The 30 days off the market does not apply.
*Switching agents within the same office will not reset the DOM. Technically all listings are under the (same) Principal Broker.


Why does my listing show a DOM count when I released it?  I am not aware that the listed property was listed in the service within the last 30 days.

– The TMK number used may be wrong and there is a listing in the service under that TMK number.  Check the TMK number of the property you are listing.  If it is not correct, please withdraw the listing and notify Technical Support about the error.  Release a new listing under the correct TMK number.

– If the property being listed is a portion of a TMK parcel and another portion of this parcel has been listed in the service within the last 30 days, the DOM from the listing already in the service will be reflected on all subsequent listings under that same TMK number.  If the property interest that you are listing is different from that listed on the listing already in the service, please notify Technical Support to assist you with resetting the DOM on your listing.


Visual flow chart for determining if the DOM will carryover





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