REsearch allows you to choose which search fields are displayed when using the search. Feel free to move, add, and remove any field you desire.

This is the main button you will be looking for:


+Video+ Customizing your search fields (the basics):



+Video+ How to reset your search page, roll back any changes

+Video+ Customizing your search categories



**Please click the Show/Hide Field Groups drop down in order to view which color corresponds to which type of search field you will be adding.

Knowing which type of search field you are adding is very important.
Click here for more color coding information.




If the video is difficult to view within this guide page please click the Full Screen icon located in each video’s lower right corner.


2 Responses to “(MLS/TMK) Customize the search page – search fields”

  1. Jana


    I’m trying to add a field in Requests. I want to use the MLS format and add the street name of the listing to my search. Not a specific street but just the name of the street of the property. I watched the video and all I got was a fill-in field to search a specific street. Mahalo!

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