Create a CMA is located in the Main Menu under the Search category.


1. Click Create a CMA from the Main Menu
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2. You are now presented with the search page and the Create a CMA menu at the top.

2A. The A section is where you may enter your subject MLS# or TMK. Our example is using an MLS number.

Enter your MLS number and click the arrow. Notice a summary of the listing is shown in the box below. This tells us the search will look for similar properties with + or – of

15% of the living area within the same plat.

2B. Set your desired sale date range. Either use the one or two years back selection or enter in a custom date range.

(*Located below: “Include TMK data” will give you matches of sales that have not had MLS listings entered into the system)

2C. Not required but if using the Personalize section this will place a header on the search results.
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3. Click Search to run the report.

*If the number of comparables are not satisfactory you may want to set a further date range or expand the area of search. Remember, by default the search is only looking at

the same plat as the subject property. In the TMK section of the main search enter in the area you wish to search. This will expand the search area well beyond the same

2015-05-11 14_58_35-REsearch 6
You may also want to enter in a subdivision, zip code, etc. Any type of area search will override the default plat only search.

Feel free to add in other search parameters to the request. Again, by default the only parameter the system will use is + or – 15% of the living area. If you wish to only include

5 bedrooms, etc. you will need to place this request in the main search area.

* If the subject property is vacant land the system will look for +/- 15% of land area

Reading the CMA results

The report will include matches that are separated into categories indicated by orange highlights. The personalization will also appear at the top of the report.
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If you have marked the box to “Include TMK data” your report will also show an Other Comparable Sales section. These are sales that only include TMK sales data. No listing has been input on these parcels in our system.
2015-05-11 15_17_32-REsearch 6



Remember to use the Checked/Not Checked options if you wish to edit the report.
Simply place check marks next to the listings you wish to include then click one of the actions, such as print, and click Checked instead of Page.
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4 Responses to “Creating a CMA using REsearch”

  1. Linda Moulin


    I’m trying to find the summary of each category checked when I do a CMA. In the last version it would give the lowest priced, highest priced, median along with DOM. Where do I find that function in REsearch 6? Mahalo.

    • Raun Ohama


      Hi Linda,

      Great Question.
      Here is a link to the guide we created on adding a Summary to search results/CMAs.
      Summary Format

  2. Suzanne Hart


    When doing a CMA, there used to be a printout at the top that showed the parameters that were researched, such as price range, square footage range, bedroom count, age, etc. That seems to have disappeared from the printouts, even when requesting a summary. Where did it go…or more importantly, how do I get it to print for each CMA so I know what the research parameters were for the printout?

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