REsearch has the ability to generate spreadsheets and CSV files from most of the data in the system. This includes all contacts you may have entered.


Step 1. Locating Search My Contacts

Expand the Search category, Select Search My Contacts


Step 2. Entering the search parameters

You may enter specific search parameters into the search fields
In order to search ALL your contacts please use the wildcard in one of the name fields.



*At this point you may simply run the search and view the search results. You may then print, email, etc.


Step 3. Letting the system know you would like to download data

Click the Format button
In the Format drop down click to the Options tab, place a check mark next to Download Format.
If you do not know what type of file you need, please see this help guide: Download file types explained




Step 4. Building the spreadsheet, selecting the fields to be downloaded

Click to the Formats tab. Custom will be check marked. Click the Select button next to Custom


The Custom Formats window will open.
Select the fields to be downloaded. Selected fields represent the columns on the created spread sheet.
If you are exporting a CSV file that is to be then imported to another program, make sure to select the proper fields.
You may change the order of the fields on the file being created. Top to bottom in the Selected fields section will create Excel columns from left to right. If creating a CSV, top to bottom will again create a CSV from from left to right.

Click Apply Changes when finished.


Step 5. Back on the search page, click Search Now.

The file will be created on our server and automatically downloaded by your browser.

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