This guide will teach you how to create a flyer using CloudCMA.


  • First, from the main REsearch screen, look for the “Cloud CMA” option under the “RETools” category on your menu.


  • This will open up CloudCMA. In this window you’ll want to click the “Flyer” tab.

(If this is your initial logon to CloudCMA, the system will ask you to enter contact information)


Under this tab click “Create Flyer”.


  • On this screen, you can fill out the criteria for you flyer. Place the address or the MLS number of the property in the specified field.

NOTE: Your “Client” field cannot be blank, you have to put something there or it will not let you proceed. 

Once you’ve filled out these fields, click “Fetch Listings”


  • The next screen will contain all the property’s information. Make sure this all correct and click “Customize Flyer”.


  • Here you can customize your flyer to fit your needs. There are many options at your disposal. And once you are done customizing, click “Publish Report” to finalize your flyer.



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