Option 1

You may directly open Cloud CMA and click to the Buyer Tour tab.



Option 2

You may alternatively run a search with REsearch and directly export your search result MLS numbers into Cloud CMA.

While viewing your search results, click the More button then select your choice of Buyer Tour Page, Checked or Not.



The Cloud CMA website will open up.

Your MLS numbers will have auto filled into the MLS Numbers box (if you have exported from REsearch).

Enter your client’s name in the Client box, or enter in a name for this Buyer Tour.

Click “Fetch Listings” when you are ready for the next step.




Verify the listings are the ones you expected to see.

You will now set the order of the listings. Be sure to set from top to bottom the order of the properties you would like to visit.

The drop downs automatically organize the listings. You may also manually drag the listings into place.

  • Top to bottom will correspond to 1, 2, 3, etc. on the map and the order of listings on the report. 

Click Customize Report when ready.


Here is where you will customize what is generated on your report.

Click to view examples of the different color themes, photo layouts, fonts, etc. CloudCMA has to offer

The section below the Themes, Layouts, etc. is the report that will be generated.
You may remove sections by clicking the – icon.
You may preview sections by clicking the EYE icon.
You may change the order of the report by dragging and dropping sections.

Under the Additional Content menu is where you can add more sections to your report.







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