Instructions on removing unwanted extensions in Chrome.

  • 1. Click the Menu icon located in the upper right corner of the browser. The menu is represented by 3 dots.
  • 2. Click Settings from the menu drop down.


  • 3. On the settings page, click Extensions.


  • 4. Look over the list of installed Extensions. If you see anything you do not recognize or remember installing yourself please remove them. No extensions are required for Chrome to run properly. You cannot break anything in your system by removing an Extension.
  • 5. On the Extensions page uncheck Enabled to disable the extension. You will likely want to click the trash can icon instead to completely remove the Extension from your Chrome browser. 


In cases where you cannot remove an Extension with this method, please give us a call at Support (ext. 1)
You will sometimes come across extensions where the Enable or Trash Can is unclickable. We will need to help you get into your installed programs in order to uninstall.

Hope this helps!

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