Instructions on changing your password


  • Click directly on RETOOLS or expand the section and click on Change My Password



  • Enter your new password twice. Click Save when finished.



Don’t forget your new password the next time you login!



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4 Responses to “(MLS) Change Your Password”

  1. Kim Hester, County Of Kauai


    We have an account with MLS under a sharing agreement and I expected to have to change our password today – which I still desire to do occaisionally, and I even went to help menu to try to find why I was not prompted nor can I see a ‘password’ tab next to ‘info’ tab under my profile?

    • Raun


      Hello, I have updated the password change process within the guide. The placement of the password change tool has moved slightly.
      The automatic prompt to change your password has gone live at 9AM on 2/17/2016. You were about an hour or so early.

  2. Tami A Ryan, R(S)-59786


    I clicked on my name and the profile tile, however, there is only the info box- not a “password” tab.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,

    • Raun


      Hi Tami,

      I have updated the guide on changing your password. We have moved the change tool from within the My Profile section to within the REtools section.

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