Building Zoning Codes

Building Zoning – The field ZONING is used to qualify properties by the Zoning and the allowed specific uses.Example: Zoning: R-3.5asdg

Valid OAHU Zoning Code: (Link to Land Use Ordinance Master Use Table .PDF)
A-1 Low Density Apartment
A-2 Medium Density Apartment
A-3 High Density Apartment
AG-1 Restricted Agricultural District
AG-2 General Agricultural District
AMX-1 Low Density Apt Mixed Use
AMX-2 Medium Density Apt Mixed Use
AMX-3 High Density Apt Mixed Use
AMX-ALL Apt Mixed Use
APART Apartment Precinct
B-1 Neighborhood Business District
B-2 Community Business District
BMX-3 Community Business Mixed Use
BMX-4 Central Business Mixed Use
BMX-ALL Business Mixed Use
COUNTRY Country District
F-1 Military and Federal Preservation
I-1 Limited Industrial District
I-2 General Industrial District
I-3 Waterfront Industrial District
I-4 Waterfront Industrial Precinct
IMX-1 Industrial – Commercial Mixed Use
HAWAII Hawaii Community Development Authority
MARINE Marine Precinct
P-1 Restricted Preservation
P-2 General Preservation
PUBLIC Public Precinct
R-3.5 R-3.5 Residential District
R-5 R-5 Residential District
R-7.5 R-7.5 Residential District
R-10 R-10 Residential District
R-20 R-2 Residential District
RES-CML Resort Commercial Precinct
RES-HTL Resort Hotel Precinct
RESORT Resort District
STATE State Jurisdiction
Valid Maui Zoning Codes:
R-1 Residential District
R-2 Residential District
R-3 Residential District
R-0 Zero Dot Line
D-1 Duplex
A-1 Apartment
A-2 Apartment
H-1 Hotel
H-M Hotel Medium
H-2 Hotel
B-1 Business District
B-2 Business District
B-3 Business District
B-4 Business District
M-1 Light Industrial
M-2 Heavy Industrial
A Airport District
AGR Agricultural
GC General Conservation
RU .5 Rural ½ Acre
RU Rural
P1 Public-Quasi-Public
PD Plan Development
PD Project District
CID Civic Improvement District
OS Open Space
K-4 Golf Course
Valid HAWAII Zoning Codes:
A-1A Agricultural, 1 acre
A-2A Agricultural, 2 acres
A-3A Agricultural, 3 acres
A-5A Agricultural, 5 acres
A-10A Agricultural, 10 acres
A-20A Agricultural, 20 acres
A-40A Agricultural, 40 acres
A-80A Agricultural, 80 acres
A-500A Agricultural, 500 acres
A-900A Agricultural, 900 acres
CG-7.5 General Commercial, 7,500 sq. ft.
CG-20 General Commercial, 20,000 sq. ft.
CG-S-7.5 General Commercial, Safety 7,500 sq. ft.
CN-7.5 Neighborhood Commercial, 7500 sq. ft.
CN-10 Neighborhood Commercial, 10,000 sq. ft.
CN-20 Neighborhood Commercial, 20,000 sq. ft.
CN-40 Neighborhood Commercial, 40,000 sq. ft.
CO-20 Office Commercial, 20,000 sq. ft.
CV-7.5 Village Commercial, 7,500 sq. ft.
CV-10 Village Commercial 10,000 sq. ft.
MG-1A General Industrial, 1 acre
MG-5A General Industrial, 5 acres
MG-10A General Industrial, 10 acres
MG-20A General Industrial, 20 acres
ML-1A Limited Industrial, 1 acre
ML-10 Limited Industrial, 10,000 sq. ft.
ML-20 Limited Industrial, 20,000 sq. ft
NONE No Zoning
0 Open
RA-.5 Residential Agriculture, 0.5 acres
RA-1 Residential Agriculture, 1 acre
RA-2 Residential Agriculture, 2 acres
RA-3 Residential Agriculture, 3 acres
RS-7.5 Single Family 7,500 sq. ft.
RS-10 Single Family 10,000 sq. ft.
RS-15 Single Family 15,000 sq. ft.
RS-20 Single Family 20,000 sq. ft.
RS-S-10 Single Family Safety 10,000 sq. ft.
RS-S-15 Single Family Safety 15,000 sq. ft.
RD-3.75 Duplex, 3,750 sq. ft. / unit
RM-.75 Multi-Family, 750 sq. ft. / unit
RM-1.0 Multi-Family, 1,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-1.25 Multi-Family, 1,250 sq. ft. / unit
RM-2.0 Multi-Family, 2,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-3.0 Multi-Family, 3,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-3.5 Multi-Family, 3,500 sq. ft. / unit
RM-4.0 Multi-Family, 4,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-5.0 Multi-Family, 5,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-5.5 Multi-Family, 5,500 sq. ft. / unit
RM-7.0 Multi-Family, 7,000 sq. ft. / unit
RM-20 Multi-Family, 20,000 sq. ft. / unit
UNPLAN Unplanned
V-.75 Resort Hotel, 750 sq. ft. / unit
V-1.0 Multi-Family, 1,000 sq. ft. / unit
V-1.25 Multi-Family, 1,250 sq. ft. / unit
V-1.5 Multi-Family, 1,500 sq. ft. / unit
V-2.0 Multi-Family, 2,000 sq. ft. / unit
V-2.5 Multi-Family, 2,500 sq. ft. / unit
V-3.0 Multi-Family, 3,000 sq. ft. / unit
V-4.0 Multi-Family, 4,000 sq. ft. / unit
V-S-.75 Multi-Family, Safety 750 sq. ft. / unit
VH-.75 Multi-Family, H 750 sq. ft. / unit
VH-1.25 Multi-Family, H 1,250 sq. ft. / unit
VH-1.5 Multi-Family, H 1,500 sq. ft. / unit
VH-1.75 Multi-Family, H 1,750 sq. ft. / unit
VH-4.0 Multi-Family, H 4,000 sq. ft. / unit
VH-S-.75 Multi-Family, H 750 sq. ft. / unit
Valid Kauai Zoning Codes:
A Agricultural
AG Agricultural
CG Commercial General
CN Commercial Neighborhood
CON Conservation District
I-L Industrial Limited
IG Industrial General
IL Industrial Limited
O Open Space
OP Open Space
PD Project District
PDC Plan Development Community
R Rural
R-10 Residential (10 units/acre)
R-15 Residential (15 units/acre)
R-20 Residential (20 units/acre)
RR Resort
RU RU Rural
R1 Rural (1 unit/acre)
R10 Residential (10 unit/acre)
R2 Residential (2 unit/acre)
R2/ Residential (2 unit/acre)
R20 Residential (20 unit/acre)
R4 Residential (4 unit/acre)
R6 Residential (6 unit/acre)
R8 Residential (8 unit/acre)
SA Special Area
SC Special Treatment- Cultural
Sp Special Treatment- Special
SS Special Treatment- Scenic
STC Special Treatment- Cultural
STP Special Treatment- Public
STR Special Treatment- Ecological
1-G Industrial General
R-15 Resid (15 unit/acre)
R-10 Resid (10 unit/acre)
R-20 Resid (20 unit/acre)
RR-10 Resort
RR-20 Resort
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