Here are the very basics of searching for listings in REsearch. You will also find links to more advanced guides located at the bottom of the page.


Locate search within the Main Menu.
You can click on the + symbol to expand the Search options
Click “Search for Listings”

(You may also click directly on SEARCH to jump straight to the search page, skipping opening the search menu)

2015-05-07 11_48_47-2015_05_07_11_47_23_REsearch_6 - Paint




You are now on the Main Search Page
2015-05-07 11_57_14-REsearch 6



Enter your search parameters.
The screenshot example is looking for: Taxkey 4-3-2-1, Active, Residential listings.
Click the green Search Now button to run the request. Search Now is located in the bottom center of the page.
2015-05-07 12_01_09-REsearch 6


*Tip: Notice on the bottom of the search page there is a Request section. This is your search recap. You may also manage the existing search here. Click the trash icon to remove the parameter from your request or click on the request itself to edit the requested data.



This section contains guides furthering your understanding of REsearch 6.

Taxkey useage within REsearch

Searching with taxkeys in REseach

Searching with an MLS number in REsearch


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