The REsearch Appraiser Report is available in two locations within the system.


1. Directly from the Dashboard – Use this only if you have previously gathered the exact MLS numbers you would like to generate a report on.


2. Search results – run a search, pull the MLS numbers on the results page into the Appraiser Report.


Run a search, view a list of  listings you would like to see on your report

  1. Click the More button located at the bottom of the window.

  2. In the window that opens up, locate Appraisal Report and click “Page/Checked/Not” (depending on which listings you would like to use)

  3. MLS numbers are sent to the Appraiser Report tool.

    The report is auto generated including the section with the 1004MC form.




Here is a little demo video of the Appraiser Report in action:Click here to view the Youtube video




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