Your messages are being sent to your recipients. You are simply not receiving the copy.



Unfortunately if you are using an email address, you will not receive your copy of messages sent from within REsearch.

This is a security issue on AOL’s end.

Background: When sending emails from within REsearch the system places your email address in a “reply to” field. This way, even if the message is sent from our server your recipient can simply click reply and the message will be sent to your email address instead of back to REsearch.

AOL does not like the use of your own address in the “reply to” field.
Your recipient will receive the message. You will not receive the copy.

We can test this by using a test address in the From box within REsearch.
First, send a normal message directly to your AOL email address from Within REsearch. You should not receive this message.
Now, send another message direct to your AOL email address but this time change the “From” address. You may use


You should receive this message since the “reply to” address does not match your own address.



Unfortunately we do not know of a workaround other than changing the TO address, which we do not recommend at all. This is something AOL would need to allow on their end for the messages to come through.


2 options:
You may change your primary email address within REsearch to an alternate address.


You may also use one of the other action options other than Email.
Using the Copy function –
Using the PDF function –




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