is our public facing real estate portal where anyone can search for and view listings.

Alohaliving receives a direct data feed from the REseach system, scheduled refreshes are set for every 15 minutes.


Active and Contingent listings are displayed.

Under Contract, Sold, Expired, Temp and Withdrawn listings are removed when the status is changed within REsearch.

Preview listings are not sent on any feed.


Agent and office data is also made available. Only active accounts are displayed.
Agents may link to their pages which will include current listings.

Click Agents then run a search to locate your page or any other agent’s page.


Featured agent have the ability to customize biography information or simply add text to their profile page.
Please contact our Sales department if you are interested in becoming a Featured Agent.


Rental listings are also available on the Alohaliving site.


Here is a link to our help guide regarding your initial login or if you forgot your password on the Rental site:


Users are able to create free accounts. They are then able to save individual listings and also save searches.

Saved searches can also be set to automatically email any new matches similar to a prospecting system.

A quick guide to sharing listings from to sites such as

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