Using the Research 6 photo loader

*30 photo limit
*jpg / jpeg file formats only
*recommended dimensions 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall
Click for more information


In the Main Menu expand the Listings category and select Manage Photos.

(Manage Photos is also available within the Listings Menu)


On the Manage Photos screen enter your Listing number or click Select Listing to open a list of all Active and Hold listings that belong to you.
Please review the Photo Agreement, you must check mark “I Agree” before uploading any photos.
Click Continue when ready.


If this is a new listing and no photos have been loaded yet, you will be presented with the “Drop Zone.” Feel free to drag and drop photos directly into this box.
You may also click within the box which will launch the traditional file browser option. You may drag or select multiple photos at the same time.

Click Upload Now when ready

Click here for a demonstration


Your uploaded photos should look similar to the example below.
Please remember to always click Save All



The Manage Photos page is also where you will be able to enter descriptions and order the photos.
Remember to Save All changes.



The photo in the #1 position will be your primary photo. This will be the first image displayed.

You may change the order of your photos by click, hold, and dragging.

Below is a video demonstration.

Remember to save all changes!

Saving is always important including after deleting an image.



2 Responses to “(MLS) Photos – Adding photos to a listing”

  1. Libby Tomar


    How do I select a primary photo for my listing 602738 and how do I move the order of the photos around?

    • Raun



      The photo in the #1 position is the primary photo.
      You may click, hold, drag and drop your photos while in the Manage Photo application. I have added a video for reference towards the bottom of the guide.

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