ABSORPTION RATE – Is the rate at which homes are selling in a specific area.


You may find these articles on this market metric helpful:
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Using REsearch to locate the numbers needed-

The fasted way to calculate the # of sold and currently active listings would be to use the Count feature:

Sales Per month = Total number of Sales of a 12 month period ÷ 12 (months)
Ex: 489 ÷ 12 = 40.75 Sales Per Month

Months of Inventory = Total Active Listings ÷ Sales Per Month
Ex: 388 ÷ 40.75 = 9.52 Months of Inventory

Absorption Rate = Sales Per Month ÷ Active Listings
Ex: 40.75 ÷ 388 = 10.5% Absorption Rate



Additional Notes:
*It is recommended that you also include Contingent listings along with active listings when performing your count. Under Contract and Preview listings are generally not included.
*It is also recommended that you use the twelve completed months prior to the current period.

*Months of Inventory

5-7 Months Generally referred to as a “balanced Market”
Less than Five Months Generally referred to as a “Seller’s Market”
Greater than 7 Months Generally referred to as a “Buyer’s Market”







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