DESCRIPTION: This session is geared to familiarize you with data entry functions such as entering & managing listings, uploading & managing photos, viewing & printing listings to include an overview of property types, listing statuses, required fields..


Further Help:


How to enter a listing using Classic Forms


How to enter a listing using Wizard Forms


Updating an existing listing


Photos – Requirements, recommendations, and rules


Photos – Adding Photos to a listing


Virtual Tour Rules and Regulations – acceptable virtual tour links


Virtual Tour – Attaching new / updating / deleting


Addenda – Adding documents to your listing


Releasing listings to Preview or Active


Report a Sale, Contingent or Under Contract status


How to Withdraw / Temp Withdraw your listing


Back on Market – Some information on this tool


Copy – Use this tool to create a duplicate listing




Listing Status guide – What does Active, Contingent, Under Contract, etc. mean?


Days on Market – definition and reset/carry over policy


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