We are currently experiencing slow performance on our map server. This is causing certain formats and screens in REsearch to load slowly or fail to load. While our developers work on a fix, there is a workaround available to allow you to continue most of your work in REsearch.

The primary screen affected by this issue is the MLS Mid format, which is the default format when clicking on an MLS number in REsearch. This format will load slowly or fail to load because it includes an interactive map in the third, top-right position.

By temporarily removing this map, and replacing it in the MLS Mid format with a third listing photo, the page will display more quickly. Here is how to do this:

1. Head into Settings

Main Menu > Scroll Down to see Settings > Click Settings

2. Locate and Click “MLS Mid Format”

3. Select either:

“Show images (3 photos) on MLS Mid format”


“Hide Images on MLS Mid format”

4. Save Changes

When we are able to resolve the mapping issue, you can simply go back to your settings and switch this setting back to “Show images (2 photos, 1 map)” on the MLS Mid format.

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